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In-house developed products

Contributing to the productivity of Global sewing indutry.


Auto Bobbin Changer

Auto Bobbin Changer automatically changes the bobbin, and eliminates bothersome work for bobbin exchange. This device is effective for stitching thick thread, and for the work requiring the lower thread to be replaced frequently. In addition to labor saving, Auto Bobbin Changer drastically decreases stitching defects. Therefore, it can reduce mental strain of sewing workers. 

* Patented

Auto Bobbin Changer

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Auto Bobbin Changer introduction video

Auto Bobbin Checker

Auto Bobbin Checker

Auto Bobbin Checker notifies the operator when the thread inside the bobbin has been reduced to a preset amount. Therefore, the operator is freed from the hassle of worrying about the remaining amount of bobbin thread. This also helps prevent defective products. Auto Bobbin Checker is suitable for pattern sewing and high-class materials which cannot be re-sewn, and widely used for car seat sewing, too. This device is available for both rotary and shuttle hook machines.

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Auto Bobbin Checker introduction video

Auto Skip Catcher

Auto Skip Catcher, when skipping stitch or needle thread breakage occurs, immediately notice with lamp or buzzer, and automatically stops the sewing machine. In this way, it prevents the occurrence of defective products and contributes to the stable production of high-quality products. Auto Skip Catcher also has the function of stabilizing the thread tension, and improves the sewing condition.
This device is available for lockstitch and chainstitch.

Auto Skip Catcher

English version

Auto Skip Catcher introduction video

Birth of KINOSHITA in-house developed products

Developer trajectory


"Development tips are always in the field"

When I visited a sewing factory one day, I saw busy workers stop the sewing machines almost every 5 minutes in order to reolace the bobbin manually. I was convinced that automating this task would greatly contribute to streamlining work, reducing costs, and improving productivity.
I started the development immediately and completed Auto Bobbin Changer in about 3 months.

After that, the development manager, who was also enthusiastic about development, commercialized Auto Skip Catcher that efficiently detects skips in a short period of time.
I usually advise young employees to look at the scene from a low perspective and be willing to sweat and get their hands dirty. Because I believe these are the origins of manufacturing.
We developed our own products bearing the name of KINOSHITA from the desire to make use of them at production sites, and obtained 16 patents, 12 trademarks, and 5 designs worldwide. These in-house developed products are the first in the world and the only in the world.
In 2001, Auto Bobbin Changer won the 26th Invention Award at JISA (the Japan Society for the Advancement of Inventions). In 2013, Auto Skip Catcher won the 38th Invention Award at JISA.
In this way, we have been evaluated as having contributed significantly to the rationalization, cost reduction and productivity improvement of the garment industry. We would like to cotinue to provide highly original products by utilizing our precision parts manufacturing technology, high quality, and development capabilities.


Haruhiko Kinoshita, Chairman and Representative Director


Ryuzo Sugimoto, General Manager of Development Department

Responding to the responsibility and expectations of a total of 10,000 units, we will continue to guarantee the best quality

When I joined the company in 1997, in front of Auto Bobbin Changer that had already started sales at that time, the current chairman told me that he wanted to sell the device all over the world.
I was a little susicious about the future demand, wondering if manual replacement is faster than machine. Now I remember it nostalgic. After that, however, as the industrial sewing machines become larger and more automated not only in Japan but all over the world, the demand for Auto Bobbin Changer has begun to increase, and when combined with Auto Bobbin Checker and Auto Skip Catcher released later, a cumulative total of 10,000 units will be released in 2021. Although they are niche products in sewing industry, I am proud that our in-house developed devices are "world only one" products that integrate our accumulated precision parts manufacturing know-how and processing technology. Now I am proud of our products bearing the KINOSHITA's name, and  feel our responsibility to meet the expectations of our customers with high quality.

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