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Quality control / technology

MADE IN JAPAN Quality pride

Management system

We, Kinoshita Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. acquired JIS Q 9100 and ISO 9001 certifications in 2015 when we participated in "Special Zone to Create Asia's No. 1 Aerospace Industrial Cluster".
JIS Q 9100 is a quality management system specialized for aerospace and defense fields, and we utilize this advanced system for manufacturing various precision parts such as industrial sewing machine parts.

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QC circle to improve technology

We have set up QC circles in the company to improve work efficiency and to raise awareness of quality control. We strive to improve productivity by visualizing the manpower, raw materials, machines, and methods required for production, and constantly trying to eliminate unnecessary work, uneveness, and waste.

Production control system

We have introduced production control system such as work levelling, visualization, and waste reduction in each process. We also have established a systematic management by grasping the flow of daily operations overall.

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