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Auto Bobbin Changer



1.Summary of the product

The sewing machine has a long history and many people wrestled to the automatic exchange of the bobbin. Currently, it is only us to succeed in commercialization and perform production sale. The structure is extremely simple that we apply a groove-formed and we unify the insertion, the takeoff of the bobbin.

2.Point of the invention

There are extremely few parts scores, and structure is simple, and is compact,and there is little trouble and is accompanied automatically by the electric circuit, too. Besides it cheap in spite of a product precisely. In addition, there is no product comparing as a product now.


The number of the bobbin stock of the exchange is around eight now. It varied according to the consumption of the lower thread, but continuously operating it for approximately two hours 30 minutes was enabled when we did use time of one bobbin with 20 minutes, and the worker who changed a bobbin during this period became needless. Though a machine is not usually outstanding like a human being, work does not turn around when there is not this person. Is there not such a person in your circumference either. It is the machine called "an automatic bobbin changer" supporting sensitivity like the five senses of the person whom only a sound blowing on breath sounds, and "a chuga-chuga" and a craftsman change the bobbin of the sewing machine to automatically though there is usually this machine under the stand of the sewing machine in the same way and is not outstanding precisely.

The automatic bobbin changer which forms AUTO BOBBIN CHANGER sewing new age

Auto Bobbin Changer automatically changes the bobbin, by that eliminating bothersome bobbin work, and enhancing rationality,cost reduction and production efficiency.This changer is effective for thick thread stitching and for work requiring the lower thread to be replaced frequency.It is optimum for products in which the thread cannot be overlapped, for stitching. In addition to saving labor,this changer prevents stitching defects,and reduces the mental strain of the worker.


This sewing automatic thread cutting sewing machine, program-type electronic sewing machine

DB-100/MIJ-200 lower thread counter set it by numerically displaying it. We change a lower thread automatically when it becomes the number that you set.
A sewing machine maker and a support model brother, JUKI, this Mitsubishi or other sewing automatic thread cutting sewing machines, a program-type electronic sewing machine.

Patent acquisition finished: Japan, United States, Germany, Korea, China, India

Auto Bobbin Checker

I insert a measurement pin in a bobbin case at the time of sewing machine system thread cutting and detect the residual quantity of the lower thread. The setting of being located justifies the sensor, and the detection is possible.


Patent acquisition finished: Japan, United States, Germany, Korea, China, India

Auto Skip Catcher

Patent acquisition finished: Japan, United States, Germany, Korea, China, India