Thought to development

We had the viewpoint that knew everything about the structure of the sewing machine in us which produced the special parts of the sewing machine for the industry and manufactured "Auto Bobbin Changer" because the worker who sewed a product in a sewing factory wanted to improve a state to change the lower thread of the sewing machine frequently.
"Auto Bobbin Checker,Auto Skip Catcher"detecting the defectiveness of the seam which occurred at the time of the sewing of the product, and raising productivity.
The manufacture is from an idea to be useful in a shop floor, but the development is that we think it is important to be speed of judging the need & moving to the action. It is necessary that we know the on-site information and request and thinks that we were able to bring about only one, the first one product by having sensitivity with it on the technical knowledge.


For better future of all the customers, KINOSHITA will continue to supply products created with themes "TO OFFER NEW VALUE". "UNLIMITED IDEA","ENDLESS BELIEF" & "QUALITY IS NO.1".KINOSHITA wish to contribute for a creation of a highly developed society by giving services for prosperity of all the customers with good faith and enthusiasm. To thank for all,to love all and to be cheerful always. These are KINOSHITA'S PRINCIPLE.

Concept 1

We wanted to step forward to the first step to the new times to the 21st century and embodied an idea of the management and assumed the concept of the company the "encounter with the sensitivity" "encounter with the person", and we expressed that the amenity factory which worked more comfortably for people & the dynamism of the new company are symbolic. We set an emblem with a design concept that becoming the image of "the beauty, the space, the sense of fun" and loving it from new space with the originality to live beautifully,corresponding suggestion & developing, being a dream factory of researching and being the high sensitivity activist group.

Concept 2

With a big dream, we want to realize the dream as the first step to the new future lively. We want to continue having the beauty and sensitivity being aware of participant companies to FASHION without remaining only in the production of the parts of the industrial special sewing machine. We cope with a change in the flexible thought that we challenge work on a scale of more earth and pray the pursuit to a quality of human being for through manufacturing more when we want to open the new way which a heart, the environment loving sum, nature of the person thought about and challenge a study about a system for the new age and the high-precision parts.

Human Frontier

THE AMENITY, THE BEAUTY, THE CLEANLINESS.We tend to forget their importance,don't we.It's no longer the times, where everything are growing and only efficiency is needed.It is one of the important factors to judge and act always on a global view point. KINOSHITA'S DREAM is to create products giving better amenities of human life.

Production and market

We learn from a "customer priority" visitor and meet the request of the visitor. It is our management posture. We make use of the original production engineering that accumulated in a production system and pursue the price reduction of the high-quality product. It which we suddenly diversify and we catch needs to be developed complicatedly precisely and want to act as for "an encounter" and "the market creation" with the new visitor by the making of creative product is a wish of KINOSHITA.